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경영대 2호관 308호
교수전공 및 연구분야
이메일 (

Ph.D. in Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea (Intl Business Strategy)

M.A. in Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea

B.S. in Seoul National University In Seoul, Korea

경력 (Experience)


Dean of Graduate School of Business

Advisor on City Competitiveness committee in Gwangju

Head of Indian Business Strategy center in Research Institute of CNU



Associate Dean of Continuous Education Center

CEO of LG Life Science India Pvt. Ltd.

Advisor on SME committee in Gwangju

Advisor on Investment Board in Gwangju

Director of Association of Intl& Area Studies, Korea

Director of Association of Peter Drucker in Korea

주요 연구분야(Main areas of research)

International business strategies, Cross cultural management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation,

Diaspora Studies, E-commerce management etc.

강의 ( Courses taught)

Strategic management, Entrepreneurship, Developing business plan, Business Innovation,

Business negotiation, International business, Strategic motivation etc.


최근 연구 실적(Recent publications)

Kwon, Hyuksin & Park, Hyunchae (2019), Creating sustainable and climate shared value in public

  institution : lessons from a case of Korea army cadet military school” (SSCI)

Park, Hyunchae(2018), The Determinants of Repurchasing Intention of Chindia Customers for

Foreign Brand Product (SCOUPS)

Nguyen Thi Vie& Park, Hyunchae (2017), " The Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Intention

for being E-commerce Trader in Korea (KCI)

Kim, Youngok & Park, Hyunchae (2017), " Exploring intention to leave management in Korean IT firms

    at India : the role of CSR (KCI)

Park, Hyunchae (2017), " Antecedents of repurchase intention on smart phone for post-90th generation

    in China (KCI)

Mudzingiri Enestia & Park, Hyunchae (2017), " What Types of CSR Activities will be Most Feasible for

    Korean Firms in African Countries? (KCI)

Park, Hyunchae (2017), " What kinds of Aptitude will be required for undergraduate students who want

   to join Export-oriented SMEs?” (KCI)