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1. 경영자 보상 : 비재무적 성과평가지표 (Non-Financial Performance Measures)

2. 기업지배구조

3. 재무회계 정보에 대한 시장반응 


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주요 Working Papers

- Management of Operating Cash Flows before and after the Scandals in the Early 2000s: An Examination of Meeting or Beating Analyst Cash Flow Forecasts. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. ( SSCI, 3rd Round).




- Ad-hoc Review. 2017: Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics.


- The Use of Non-financial Performance Measures in CEO Compensation Contracts and Stock Price

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    Accounting Research


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    Korea Evidence, 2015, International Conference on Accounting Policy


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    International Conference.


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