mba_icon MOT MBA Curriculum

Understanding Business Core
Principles of Accounting Core
Introduction to Technology Management Core
Marketing Management Core
Organizational Behavior Core
Capstone Project I Core
Capstone Project Ⅱ Core
Business Communications Core
Commercialization of Technology Core
Operations Management Core
Financial Accounting Elective
Business Environment in Emerging Markets Elective
Hi-tech Industry Analysis, Methodology and Practice Elective
Strategic Management Elective
Entrepreneurship/ Business Ethics Elective
Intellectual Property Management Elective
Technology and Business Negotiation Elective
Technology Valuation Elective
Research Methodologies for Technology Management Elective
Financial Management Elective
Technology Forecasting Elective
Technology and Research Policy Elective
Management of Technology and Innovation Elective
Project Management for Technology Development Elective
Management of New Product Development Elective
Leadership in Organizations Elective