KOICA MBA specifically targets multiple types of leaders for regional innovation and sustainable economic development, international experts, government officials, development consultants and regional specialists who wish to contribute to policymaking, to teach spirit of Saemaul Undong and to formulate policy for implementation with Saemaul Undong.The program is also focused on fostering professionals in their field.

· Principles of Accounting(3 credits) · Organization and Management(3 credits) · Leadership in Organization(3 credits) · Funds and Investments(3 credits) · Regional Marketing(3 credits) · Theory of Economics(3 credits) · Project Management(3 credits) · Regional Community Development(3 credits) · Saemaul Undong and Development of Korean Economy(3 credits) · Theory and Philosophy of Saemaul Undong(3 credits) · Planning and Practice of Saemaul Undong(3 credits) · Capstone Project(3 credits)