Category KOICA- CNU MBA Graduation Requirement
Preliminary (core) · Korean Language I(1.5 credits)
· Korean Culture I (1.5 credit)
Core Courses · Principles of Accounting(3 credits)
· Organization and Management(3 credits)
· Leadership in Organization(3 credits)
· Funds and Investments(3 credits)
· Regional Marketing(3 credits)
· Theory of Economics(3 credits)
· Project Management(3 credits)
· Regional Community Development(3 credits)
· Saemaul Undong and Development of Korean Economy(3 credits)
· Theory and Philosophy of Saemaul Undong(3 credits)
· Planning and Practice of Saemaul Undong(3 credits)
· Capstone Project(3 credits)
Elective Courses (Choose 6credits) · Communication (3 credits)
· Managerial Decision Making and Information (3 credits)
· The Value Network Management(3 credits)
· Strategy Management(3 credits)
· Trade and Economic Development in Developing Countries(3 credits)
· Regional Development Policy in Korea(3 credits)
· Entrepreneurship(3 credits)
· Korean Language II(3 credits)
· Korean Society and History(3 credits)
· The International Case Study on the Practice of Saemaul Undong(3 credits)
· Saemaul Undong and Cooperative Union(3 credits)
Total 45 credits(39 credits by cores and 6 credits by electives)
* Depending or individual academic background, some core courses may be waived by
the approval from GSB. GSB will then allow students to take additional elective courses.