The CNU GLOBAL MBA is gaining competitiveness as a global MBA through internationally-cooperated programs and global standardization, while building internal stability by securing excellent faculty, an efficient network, and a professional academic system.
Why choose CNU GLOBAL MBA?

mba_iconInternationally-cooperated programs

The school is promoting globalization of MBA education by building a network with excellent MBA programs abroad, especially with MBA programs in Asian countries forming a specialized Asian Business program. This program also offers an opportunity to study abroad in excellent MBA programs in countries with world economic power such as the U.S., China, Thailand, and India.

mba_iconHighly competitive program

This school enhances competitiveness of graduates by providing the opportunity to develop language skills and global minds through lectures given in English, study-abroad programs, and international internship programs.

mba_iconField training-oriented program

This program helps develop entrepreneurship through lectures by renowned guest speakers, through special lectures by management of large corporations and experts from various fields. Additionally, the Capstone Project and actual case analysis by adjunct professors with abundant hands-on experience are focused on working with corporation and field training required by the corporation environment.

mba_iconFirst class faculty

The faculty is composed of excellent professors in the School of Business at CNU, adjunct professors who are experts with hands-on experience, and renowned professors from around the world

mba_iconWide network of human resources

This school provides the opportunity to build a wide network of human resources with corporations, professors, adjunct professors, colleagues, and alumni.

mba_iconVarious scholarships

The school provides various scholarships for students to concentrate on their studies. For those applicants who are in the NIIED scholarship program, the School gladly offers an additional scholarship that will help the students focus on their study in our MBA Program.


· MBA degree requirements : 45 credit hours (minimum)
· Complete your studies in 18 months
· All the courses are taught in English
· Practical business English program offered