Our mission is to train business leaders and generate practical knowledge that can provide solutions to the most challenging business problems in today’s fast-paced global economy.

Everyone involved with The Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Chonnam National University (CNU) is also well aware that our responsibility goes far beyond the corporate milieu, and many management skills we sharpen in class can and should be applied to systemic social provlems to make the world a better place and advance the public interest.
The GSB was founded in 1969 and restructured in 2007 under the supervision of the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST). Among the 13 graduate schools of business authorized by MEST in South Korea, the CNU GSB is the only one located outside of Seoul. The School, therefore, has played its unique role to foster business leaders who can spread their leanings throughout local communities and integrate the communities in their corporate planning.
The Globla MBA program explores into the business issues around the world for both day and evening classes. The program has grown over the years through practical education, global orientation and interdisciplinary education that helps students launch or propel their future career in business. While the GSB provides domestic or oversea internship opportunities for interdisciplinary training, it also observes strict academic rules and regulations and support research activity positively in order to achieve academic excellence.
As a result of our continued effort to provide an education with a global orientation, the school has earned AACSB international accreditation in July 2012. This assures that the institution provides a world-class business education. Wherein, our students can experience the world as it is through a blend of excellent teachings and innovative curricular delivered by highly qualified faculties.
With our primary goal to provide the best practical management education, an ever-renewing global orientation, and interdisciplinary trainings, we are continuing our endeavors to cultivate the stewards of the 21st-century global economy who can have a greater sense of community and social responsibility, and combine this sensibility with advanced global knowledge, leadership, abilities, and cross-cultural understanding.
We sincerely appreciate your supprot and look forward to continued collaboration